Our Story

Our Story

As you may have guessed from our name, we love stories. Our story began with a passion for people, a love of coffee roasting, and a laundry room ventilated with a box fan. Together as a family we worked to grow the business, moving our roasting operation in to a small space at DaVinci Design Studio and selling our coffee at the DeLand Farmer’s Market in Artisan Alley. But what started as a part time hobby quickly turned into a full time adventure, so on May 4th 2015 (may the fourth be with you!) we opened our first cafe inside our small roasting space. We lasted about a year until we we were up to our eyeballs in coffee sacks. So we signed a lease on our current location early in 2016 and got to work, completely renovating a vacant storefront and attached garage on Georgia Avenue. Our cafe is just half a block away from our old spot at the Farmer’s Market and every day we are blessed with the reminder that you don’t have to go very far to make a big impact on others around you.

What We Do

We are a small batch coffee roaster based in DeLand, Florida. Our coffee is specialty grade and ethically sourced with as much transparency as possible. We roast each batch according to a well crafted roast profile to bring out the best inherent flavors of each coffee. We manually roast each batch on a 12 kilo Diedrich.

Our cafe team is awesome! Our training meets SCA standards to make sure our drinks are delicious and consistent. More importantly though we are dedicated to customer service and letting our passion for coffee and people be our motivation.

Why Trilogy? 

The name is our response to a very basic question, what does it take to get a great cup of coffee? We answer this question by telling three related stories, Our Coffee, Our Company, & Our Community.

The story of our coffee begins at origin – the countries, farms, people & cultures that produce the best coffee in the world. Farming is incredibly hard work, and great coffee is not possible without farms that are committed to quality control at every step of the way. Transparency is not only key to quality but also making sure that the people involved are being taken care of. 

The second story is about our company and the craft of roasting and brewing coffee to the highest standards. Our goal for roasting and brewing is to preserve the distinctive qualities of each origin.

Lastly, a great cup of coffee is not possible without our community. The story reaches its climactic ending when you, the customer, take in the sight, smell, and taste of our coffee. The coffee you enjoy is the final story from seed to cup, a story that is not possible without you.

Clay Cass
Owner & Head Roaster

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