Trilogy Coffee Wholesale Service

Trilogy Coffee Wholesale Program

Complete Coffee Solution

Not all wholesale providers are equal. We are coffee professionals and we know what it takes to create a great coffee program with outstanding coffee. Along with providing the freshest single origin crops and specialty profiles we can also create custom blends tailored to your business.

Our approach is different because we don’t just supply fresh roasted coffee but offer a complete analysis of your unique coffee needs. This includes sourcing, calibrating, and maintaining equipment, training staff, and choosing a coffee option tailored to your budget, customer base, menu, or any other factor.


Need equipment? We’ve got solutions! We are your source for Wilbur Curtis brewing equipment and installation. We also partner with First Coast Espresso for espresso equipment and installation.

Roast & Shipping Schedule

We roast on Monday & Thursday of each week. Shipments are sent on Tuesday and Friday. We also provide free local delivery every Tuesday.

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