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Serving People

serving people

Since the beginning we’ve had a clear goal in mind for what we wanted to accomplish through Trilogy. And we knew that serving people was at the heart of our work. But over the years we’ve gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be a specialty coffee company that cares about the people and places we impact. So we’ve made it our mission to serve people and preserve our place by offering ethically sourced coffee presented with knowledge & humility. 

What we mean by serving people is not just offering a bag or fresh cup of coffee made with attention to detail. That’s just the medium through which we hope to inspire community and create connections that have a lasting positive impact. We’ve always believed in the ability of coffee to be a catalyst for community, but it doesn’t just happen automatically. It means sharing life together and being willing to create that safe space for authentic life. That’s when specialty coffee is at it’s best, when people are the focus and great coffee is the bond.