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Why We Love Our 12 oz. Bags

Trilogy Coffee Bag 1

Sustainability has always been one of our core values. And since our humble beginnings we’ve alway sold our coffee in half pound bags made of compostable materials. In our minds this was the best environmentally conscious decision a company with our resources could offer. But we knew that the majority of our retail bags probably weren’t being composted and ending up in a landfill. This meant that our packaging choice was a compromise with a timetable.

Trilogy Bag Screen Printing

As soon as we could find a biodegradable bag that fit our budget and design needs we would make the switch. So when we found a bag earlier this year with TekPak Solutions that fit our needs we were very excited. After several meetings, sample requests, and number crunching to figure out the impact of additional packaging costs we decided to take the leap with the hope that our environmentally driven decision would be supported by our community and customers.

We also saw this as an opportunity to take our bag design to the next level. So with our newly sourced bags in hand we turned them over to Clark Orr Design Co. It didn’t take long before we had an amazing design and label solution, and in the spirit of any great punk rock music label we decided to screen print the first thousand bags by hand.

One of our favorite phrases is that coffee is a catalyst for community and this was one more example of how great things happen when people are inspired and work for a cause. In this case the end result is a bag that addresses our growing environmental concerns, keeps your coffee fresh and looks great in your kitchen.


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Preserve Our Place

preserve our place

Sustainability is a topic we think about a lot. As a company we want to preserve our place in every way possible but what does that mean in the coffee world?

it is unavoidable
it is unavoidable

Growing, harvesting, transporting, processing, bagging, storing, trading, shipping, receiving, trucking, roasting, cupping, wholesaling, retailing, brewing, serving… This list just barely starts to describe to coffee supply chain. And at every step there is some type of impact on the environment. From the water used during the fermentation stage of washed coffees, to the fuel used in every engine used to deliver those humble seeds all the way to our door step and beyond, the reality of our environmental impact is unavoidable. The remaining question is simply what are we going to do about it?

Our value statement includes preserving out place because we believe it is our responsibility to do our part in making the world a better place. Our bags are made of biodegradable material and our cafe has a recycling program to help reduce waste. But as we grow we are excited to innovate new ways to practice sustainability. We’ll be posting more about this topic but check out this document published by the SCAA last year for more information: click here.


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Serving People

serving people

Since the beginning we’ve had a clear goal in mind for what we wanted to accomplish through Trilogy. And we knew that serving people was at the heart of our work. But over the years we’ve gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be a specialty coffee company that cares about the people and places we impact. So we’ve made it our mission to serve people and preserve our place by offering ethically sourced coffee presented with knowledge & humility. 

What we mean by serving people is not just offering a bag or fresh cup of coffee made with attention to detail. That’s just the medium through which we hope to inspire community and create connections that have a lasting positive impact. We’ve always believed in the ability of coffee to be a catalyst for community, but it doesn’t just happen automatically. It means sharing life together and being willing to create that safe space for authentic life. That’s when specialty coffee is at it’s best, when people are the focus and great coffee is the bond.

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Why Roasting Matters

Trilogy Coffee Roaster

We roast coffee fresh in house. What this means is that multiple times a week we fire up our roaster and turn green coffee brown. But as you can imagine it’s not as simple as pre-heating the oven and tossing in a batch of coffee. The roasting process is an indispensable component of coffee flavor creation. And to roast correctly and consistently it requires constant attention and a thorough knowledge of the machine, roasting environment, and green coffee composition. We call it a craft because it’s both art and science. And our craft is unique to who we are.

We will be posting a lot about roasting coffee as we move forward and we invite you to e-mail us with your questions.